How Much Money would You Receive for Your Federal Grazing Permit/Lease if Congress Enacts the Multiple-Use Conflict Resolution Act?

The following worksheet calculates permit/lease compensation as proposed in the Multiple-Use Conflict Resolution Act for as many grazing permits and/or leases as you may possess.*

  1. What do you graze?


  2. How many head of cattle (or cow/calf pairs) or sheep do you graze on public lands?

I graze
head (Use no commas)

  3. How many months does your permit/lease allow you to graze livestock on public lands?

months (If necessary, use decimal points to enter weeks. For example, 6 weeks is 1.5 months)

* The Multiple-Use Conflict Resolution Act would compensate grazing permittees and lessees for each grazing permit/lease they waive at a rate of $175 per animal unit month based on the average of the highest three years of authorized animal unit months out of the last 10 years authorized to the permittee or lessee or the predecessors of the permittee or lessee. Since this worksheet prompts users to enter data only for the current grazing year, compensation paid under MUCRA may be more or less than the total payment calculated by this worksheet.