Voluntary Grazing Permit Buyout Legislation

A Political Solution to Public Lands Grazing: Voluntary Permit Buyout
   The who, how, why, what and where of voluntary grazing permit buyout

A Letter to Federal Grazing Permittees & Lessees, November 2003  
   NPLGC's letter sent to every BLM and Forest Service grazier updating them on the status of voluntary permit buyout legislation

Permit Buyout Press
    NPLGC press contacts, media releases, voluntary grazing permit buyout press

NPLGC Information Packet
    Comprehensive information about federal public lands livestock grazing and voluntary grazing permit buyout legislation

Permittees/lessees: Click here to see how much money you would receive for your federal grazing permit/lease if Congress enacts the NPLGC voluntary permit buyout proposal.