The National Public Lands Grazing Campaign is a multi-year, multi-organization strategy to end abusive livestock grazing on the nation's public lands. A steering committee representative of public lands grazing activists and organizations across the West is coordinating the NPLGC. The Campaign seeks to (a) educate the American people of the ecological, economic and fiscal impacts of public lands livestock grazing; (b) fully enforce environmental law to end abusive livestock grazing and/or hold public lands grazing permittees accountable for their activity; and (c) amend federal law to allow for the voluntary retirement of federal grazing permits for $175 per animal unit month. If voluntary permit buyout legislation is enacted, livestock grazing can be ended for an average of $13.45 for each acre in the program.

Campaign Steering Committee

Veronica Egan Great Old Broads for Wilderness
Billy Stern Forest Guardians
Bill Marlett Oregon Natural Desert Association
Jon Marvel Western Watersheds Project
Randi Spivak American Lands
Daniel Patterson Center for Biological Diversity

Campaign Staff

Andy Kerr of The Larch Company directs the campaign.

Mark Salvo serves as Counselor.
Justin Baca is National Representative.
Rod Mondt is Southwest Representative.
George Wuerthner is the campaign's Ecological Advisor.

NPLGC Contacts

Andy Kerr
Mark Salvo
Justin Baca
National Representative
Rod Mondt
Southwest Representative
George Wuerthner
Ecological Advisor