Federal Livestock Grazing AUMs: B(u)y the Numbers

Fee per animal unit month (AUM) (forage for a cow and calf for one month) on federal public lands (2005). 1
Average fee per AUM on private lands in sixteen Western states (2004). 2
Average fee per AUM on state lands in the West (excluding Texas) (2004). 3
Estimated average annual cost to the federal taxpayer of providing one AUM of federal public lands grazing. 4
Total present cost to taxpayers of perpetually paying $10.46/AUM/year for the next 50 years discounted back to present using OMB-defined 3.1% real interest rate. 5
Average west-wide capital value of an AUM as recognized by the financial and real estate markets. 6
Average amount Department of Defense pays per AUM when it seizes federal public land for military purposes, detrimentally affecting a permittee's federal grazing privileges. 7
Amount a federal land management agency is required to pay permittee per AUM if it determines it is necessary to cancel permit/lease and close associated allotment for resource management purposes pursuant to Clean Water Act, National Forest Management Act, Federal Lands Policy and Management Act, Endangered Species Act, and other federal environmental laws.
Amount per AUM proposed in the Multiple-Use Conflict Resolution Act that the federal government would pay if a federal grazing permittee voluntarily relinquished their federal grazing permit to the government.
Average net present savings per AUM to taxpayers after proposed $175/AUM buyout at OMB-defined 3.1% real interest rate.
Benefit-cost ratio of $175/AUM buyout program to taxpayers at OMB-defined 3.1% real interest rate.


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, discussing Moscowitz and Romaniello. Available from www.publiclandsranching.org. The average total animal unit months authorized annually on lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management and forests and grasslands managed by the USDA-Forest Service is 17,617,986 (data available from NPLGC). The cost per AUM is calculated by dividing total costs of the BLM and Forest Service grazing programs ($200 million) by average total AUMs permitted annually on BLM and Forest Service lands (17,617,986).
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7. Since 1948 federal law has mandated that the government pay "fair and reasonable" compensation to federal grazing permittees when their grazing permit privileges are eliminated for "war or national defense purposes." 43 U.S.C. § 315q.