The National Public Lands Grazing Campaign: Staff

Andy Kerr of The Larch Company directs the campaign.
Mark Salvo serves as Counselor.
Justin Baca is the National Representative.
Rod Mondt is Southwest Representative.
George Wuerthner is the campaign's Ecological Advisor.

Andy Kerr lives in Ashland, Oregon and operates the Larch Company, L.L.C, which specializes in environmental agitation. He has authored or co-authored several articles on voluntary grazing permit buyout which have appeared in Rangelands, Wild Earth, and other publications. He also published Oregon Desert Guide: 70 Hikes -- part natural history, part political strategy, and part hiking guide -- all with an attitude. In a previous life, Andy spent twenty years with the Oregon Natural Resources Council, best known for having brought you the northern spotted owl.

Mark Salvo lives in Chandler, Arizona, and has a J.D. from the University of Oregon School of Law. He is Director of the Sagebrush Sea Campaign, an informal network of conservation, sport, recreation and other organizations with the common goal to conserve and restore the vast sagebrush steppe landscape for present and future generations.

Justin Baca is a native of New Mexico. As NPLGC's National Representative in Washington, D.C., he lobbies Congress, the Administration, federal agencies and other lobbyists to support voluntary federal grazing permit retirement. Justin earned his Bachelors of Arts in Government from Cornell University. In 2001, he worked with the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Prior to NPLGC he worked for the Legislative Director at the National Wildlife Federation, contributing to many high-profile campaigns, including the battles over the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Defense Department's request for exemptions from bedrock environmental laws.

Rod Mondt is a Wyoming native and a public lands conservation specialist who recently served as a Lecturer and Field Program Coordinator for Columbia University's Biosphere 2 Earth Semester. Rod worked for many years as a National Park Service ranger and as a U.S. Forest Service recreation manager. After "retiring early" from the federal employment, he returned to graduate school, received an M.A. in Geography, and helped found The Wildlands Project, Sky Island Alliance, the Wildlands Center for the Prevention of Roads, and several other conservation organizations. Rod is a strong advocate for public lands conservation with a special interest in public lands grazing, recreation management, conservation planning, regional reserve design, and environmental history.

George Wuerthner lives in Richmond, Vermont, and is a writer, photographer, ecologist, and activist. He has written 24 books, and hundreds of articles on public lands grazing and other subjects. He co-edited Welfare Ranching: The Subsidized Destruction of the American West with Mollie Matteson. He is president of the board of directors of RESTORE: The North Woods and a past board member of other environmental organizations, including The Wildlands Project.