A Special Message to Federal Grazing Permittees and Lessees

Welcome to the National Public Lands Grazing Campaign website. We don't need to tell you that you will likely disagree with much of the information posted on this website. As you can see, NPLGC contends that public lands livestock grazing is ecologically damaging, economically irrational, and fiscally imprudent. Conservationists and ranchers could argue forever about these issues and never reach consensus. Or we could work together to lobby Congress to establish a voluntary federal grazing permit compensatttion program.

The only thing we need to agree on is that if/when you decide you want to end grazing on your allotment, you should be compensated for retiring your permit/lease. The Multiple-Use Conflict Resolution Act (H.R. 3166) would pay you $175 per animal unit month to retire your grazing permit/lease. This legislation would provide grazing permittees/lessees with another option for their permits, while relieving public lands from continued livestock grazing wherever the buyout option is exercised.

Grazing Permit Buyout: A Great Deal for Public Lands Grazing Permittees

Public lands grazing permittees/lessees should join conservationists to support voluntary grazing permit buyout, because...

1. It's voluntary. A permit compensation program would be available to every federal grazing permittee/lessee, but none would be required to participate.

2. It's lucrative.The proposed rate of compensation of $175 per animal unit month is much greater than the westwide market value of $35-$75/AUM.

3. No strings attached. The infusion of cash would allow a permittee to:

4. It's a hedge against permit reductions. Public lands grazing is a privilege that the government may revoke or reduce without compensating grazing permittees. However, if a permit compensation program existed, if and when grazing permit reduction or revocation was required, a permittee could--at any time before the adjustment was final--elect to waive their permit to the federal government and receive generous compensation instead.

Multiple-Use Conflict Resolution Act (H.R. 3166) Annotated
Memo: Perkins Coie, Tax Treatment of Proposed Federal Grazing Permit Buyout Program

Click here to see how much money you would receive for your federal grazing permit/lease if congress enacts the NPLGC voluntary permit buyout proposal