Livestock Removal Success: Lower Campbell Blue Grazing Allotment

Name: Lower Campbell Blue Grazing Allotment
State(s): Arizona
County(ies): Apache
Watershed(s): Blue River
Ecosystem Type: Ponderosa, montane deciduous riparian
Species Benefited: Loach minnow, spikedace, Apache trout, flycatcher, wolf, Mexican spotted owl
Federal Unit(s): Apache Sitgreaves National Forest
Acreage: 4,719 acres
Method(s): Cumulative impacts of litigation, listings, protests and comments
Law(s) Invoked: Endangered Species Act, National Environmental Policy Act, National Forest Management Act
Term of Removal: 2001-2011
Prime Mover(s): Center for Biological Diversity, Forest Guardians
Summary Explanation:

This allotment has become progressively more difficult for ranchers to graze, due to small size, remote location, and a mass of terms and conditions resulting from listed species mitigations. The permit has changed hands frequently in the past year. The Forest Service cut AUMs in the proposed allotment management plan (AMP) from 200 to 29, causing the latest permittee to give up in disgust. Consequently, the Forest Service selected the no grazing alternative in the AMP.