Livestock Removal Success: Peninsula Ranges Bighorn Sheep Critical Habitat

Name: Peninsula Ranges Bighorn Sheep Critical Habitat
State(s): California
County(ies): Riverside, San Diego, Imperial
Watershed(s): Salton Sea Basin
Ecosystem Type: Pinyon-juniper, Mojave desert
Species Benefited: Peninsular ranges desert bighorn sheep
Federal Unit(s): Santa Rosa National Monument (Bureau of Land Management) (BLM), San Bernadino National Forest
Acreage: 244,008 acres
Method(s): Litigation
Law(s) Invoked: Endangered Species Act (ESA), California Desert Protection Act
Term of Removal: Permanent
Prime Mover(s): Center for Biological Diversity
Summary Explanation:

As part of the larger California Desert Conservation Act lawsuit, the BLM agreed to remove cattle from all designated critical habitat for the endangered Peninsular Ranges desert bighorn sheep--226,026 acres, including 189,423 acres in the Santa Rosa Mountains National Monument. An earlier legal settlement removed livestock from all 17,982 acres of Peninsular Ranges bighorn critical habitat in the San Bernardino National Forest.