Livestock Removal Success: Salmon River Breaks Allotment

Name: Salmon River Breaks Allotment
State(s): Idaho
County(ies): Custer
Watershed(s): Seven tributary stream watersheds of the Salmon River between Stanley and Clayton, Idaho
Ecosystem Type: Northern Rockies dry forest and Sagebrush Sea at 6000-9000 feet elevation.
Species Benefited: Fisher, wolverine, elk, deer, cougar, Chinook salmon, bull trout, steelhead trout, neotropical birds
Federal Unit(s): Salmon-Challis National Forest
Acreage: 41,000 acres
Method(s): Acquisition of base property
Law(s) Invoked: N/A
Term of Removal: Ten-year term permit retirement minimum being negotiated with U.S. Forest Service
Prime Mover(s): Western Watersheds Project (WWP)
Summary Explanation:

A supporter of WWP bought the ranch at a distress sale auction. Attached to the base property were grazing permits for forage on 55,000 acres of public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service, including exclusive use of the Salmon River Breaks allotment (the largest allotment attached to the property). WWP believes current negotiations with federal managers will lead to permanent retirement of the allotment. The other allotments attached to the property are joint use and more difficult to retire from livestock grazing.