Livestock Removal Success: Steens Mountain

Name: Steens Mountain
State(s): Oregon
County(ies): Harney
Watershed(s): Donner und Blitzen, Kiger Creek, Wildhorse Creek
Ecosystem Type: Sagebrush Sea
Species Benefited: Bighorn sheep, redband trout, sage grouse
Federal Unit(s): Burns District BLM
Acreage: 97,071 acres
Method(s): Legislation
Law(s) Invoked: The Wilderness Act, Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Act
Term of Removal: Permanent since 2000.
Prime Mover(s): Steens-Alvord Coalition (Audubon Society of Portland, Oregon Chapter Sierra Club, Oregon Natural Desert Association, Oregon Trout, The Wilderness Society, et al.)
Summary Explanation:

The Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Act of 2000 was the first time Congress ordered livestock be removed from a wilderness area.

  Salvo, M. and A. Kerr. 2000. Congress designates first livestock-free wilderness area. Wild Earth 10(4): 55 (winter 2000/01).