Livestock Removal Success: Warner Wetlands

Name: Warner Wetlands
State(s): Oregon
County(ies): Lake
Watershed(s): Warner Lakes
Ecosystem Type: Sagebrush Sea; pluvial lake
Species Benefited: Redband trout and other fishes, numerous upland and waterfowl species
Federal Unit(s): Lakeview District BLM
Acreage: 30,125 acres
Method(s): Administrative petition
Law(s) Invoked: Federal Land Policy and Management Act, BLM regulations for Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC)
Term of Removal: Since April 1990.
Prime Mover(s): Oregon Natural Desert Association, Committee for Idaho's High Desert, Western Watersheds Project
Summary Explanation:

Grazing terminated from over 70% of ACEC.