Multiple-Use Conflict Resolution Act

The Multiple-Use Conflict Resolution Act introduced in Congress would provide compensation to ranchers who voluntarily relinquish a federal grazing permit or lease on public lands where conflicts with other multiple uses render livestock grazing impractical. The bill would pay federal grazing permittees/lessees $175 per animal unit month to permanently retire their permit or lease.

Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act

Representative Mike Simpson's (R-ID-2nd) Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act would designate new Wilderness and create new management areas on public lands, authorize the transfer of federal lands to state and local governments, and create a voluntary grazing permit waiver program on federal public lands in central Idaho.



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Permittees/lessees: Click here to see how much money you would receive for your federal grazing permit/lease if Congress enacts the NPLGC voluntary permit buyout proposal.

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